musicAeterna orchestra of Perm Opera - Beethovenfest 2020

MusicAeterna Orchestra of Perm Opera
Sonntag 15 Mär 2020 18:00
Theater Bonn - Opernhaus
Am Boeselagerhof 1
53111 Bonn


musicAeterna orchestra of Perm Opera
Teodor Currentzis

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony no. 8 in F major, op. 93 (1812/13)
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony no. 7 in A major, op. 92 (1811/12)

Beethoven’s Seventh and Eighth Symphonies are closely connected not only in their opus numbers but in their characters. Yet they have been perceived in the most contrary ways imaginable. Already at its première the Eighth failed to achieve the triumph Beethoven had expected. As he later revealingly put it, it failed ‘because it’s far better’ than the immediately successful Seventh. In its brevity and concision, it deftly unites the very things that make Beethoven’s symphonies what they are: a classical formal design filled with originality and surprises. In contrast, the Seventh, premièred in 1813 at a benefit concert for veterans of the anti-Napoleonic wars, immediately earned storms of applause. ‘Never again did Beethoven compose such an exhilarating finale’, opine the musicologists. The euphoria it unleashes is ‘a grand appeal to the liberation of the nations’. Here Beethoven works with the sensuous resources of rhythm – and remains political.

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